At The Crestwood we have three levels of condominium ratings. Our diversity in product provides you with the opportunity to select a level of accommodation that best fits your budget and personal taste.  

Here are brief descriptions of our Premier, Deluxe and Standard Ratings:

Premier:    Our Premier condominiums will be the most recently renovated units on the property, providing guests with high-end decor and furnishings throughout.  The kitchens are equipped with state of the art appliances, the living rooms provide updated gas fireplaces/mantles and  flat screen TV’s are located throughout the condo.   Our Premier units have been fully renovated and completely re-furnished and decorated. These condos cater to the higher end clients who demand fine lodging accommodations.

Deluxe:     Our Deluxe condominiums have completed renovations to their kitchens, bathrooms and updated most of their furnishings and finishes. They have accomplished significant renovations and have made upgrades to make their condo very comfortable and clean.  It is our most prominent condo type and offers guests updated accommodations, while not having to pay higher rates for the Premier.

Standard:   Our Standard condominiums have completed all basic upgrades that are required of them to stay in our rental program.  They will have renovated kitchens and bathrooms, upgrading original components, but do not provide high-end furnishings.  All finishes and appliances have been upgraded and are fully functional.  These condos offer the best “Value” and are great for the more economical guests looking for excellent amenities at an affordable price.


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