Snowmass has been known as a winter destination since its inception back in the late 1960’s and has continued to gain popularity among skiers around the world. Ask any local here in Snowmass and they will tell you that winter is what brought them here, but summer is what keeps them from leaving. It was a matter of time until summers here in our mountain town started to gain popularity with the tourists that visit Colorado. The good news is that the cherished Snowmass summers still deliver the escape from the hustle and bustle of city life (and the busy streets of our neighboring metropolis of Aspen). Much like winter, the natural beauty of the mountains is the main attraction. The mountains surrounding Snowmass provide guests multiple outdoor activities that include hiking, biking, fishing, music festivals and many more. Aspen Skiing Company now sees Snowmass as the next opportunity to grow its business and expand on mountain operations into summer. This expansion is scheduled to take place once approval is received (expected in late 2017) and would most likely start in 2018. The list of on mountain improvements submitted to the US Forest Service for approval include:

  • Ten new mountain bike trails that would add 13 miles to an existing 50 miles of trails that exist in Snowmass. In addition they also want to add a 1.5 mile skills park on mountain.
  • An ever popular mountain coaster that would offer a rush inducing 3,300 descent in summer and winter. The coaster is proposed to be built among the trees between ski runs Gunner’s View and Sandy Park on the Elk Camp portion of Snowmass Mountain.
  • A guided canopy tour with nine zip lines connecting platforms built into the canopy of tree.
  • A 3,000 foot long high-speed zip line.
  • A challenge course offering over 30 various acrophobia (fear of heights) inducing challenges for guests to overcome.
  • Large climbing wall close to 40 feet tall.

These attractions would bring a whole new level of activities set to draw more families to the area in the summer and will continue to help Snowmass grow the tourism industry year round.

It is time to add Snowmass and The Crestwood to the top of your list as a Colorado summer destination. Summer is much more affordable to guests than winter travel tends to be. For example a 2 Bedroom/2 Bath condominium that would cost $500-$600 per night in the winter would be only $200 per night in the summer here at The Crestwood. The location offered at The Crestwood in both summer and winter is a major selling point and allows you easy access out your door to the hiking and biking and would be a short 5 minute walk to the Elk Camp Gondola, which would access the new improvements on mountain once completed. Contact our reservations department at 800-356-5949 or to learn more about the various summer events and activities in Snowmass this summer and get pricing on your next stay at The Crestwood.