Dining and Nightlife
There is a plethora of dining and nightlife options in Aspen and Snowmass. If you are just here for a week you will only get to experience a fraction of what is available due to the lack of time. Aspen dining options tend to get most of the attention from locals and visitors offering over 100 bars and restaurants in the downtown Aspen core. Aspen's dining and nightlife is voted best in North America year after year offering fare from around the globe to the hungry skiers and snowboarders.  Snowmass Village dining tends to provide a more casual experience to guests when compared to Aspen. Snowmass restaurants offer a great variety of well priced options all easily accessible from The Crestwood. Our front desk staff are all trained concierge and are always available to provide recommendations or arrange reservations for all Aspen and Snowmass restaurants. Want to know the best restaurants in Snowmass? Just ask. 

For additional information, menus and contact information for Aspen Restaurants visit: 

Aspen Dining Guide

For additional information, menus and contact information for Snowmass Restaurants visit:

Snowmass Dining Guide




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