The Crestwood Terms and Conditions
We’ve reserved accommodations for you as indicated at time of booking. You have only to forward your prepayment to us by the date shown. ALL cancellations are subject to the stated cancellation policy applicable to your reservation. 

All of our condominiums are individually furnished by their owners, so no two are alike. Just like the aforementioned furnishings, each condominium contains various bedding arrangements selected by the owner. If sleeping arrangements are of particular importance to you, we urge you to contact us with your requirements. 

You will be responsible for paying a taxed 7% service charge on your base lodging which covers the various services and amenities provided to our guests. There is a no tipping policy in effect, so you are not required to provide additional tips to services provided during your stay. In turn the service charge goes towards our service staff’s bonus for the service they provide to guests.

Confirmation of Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of this confirmation, as evidenced by prepayment, constitutes an agreement between the guest and The Crestwood Lodge, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as The Crestwood), as agent, for the premises described. In the event a travel agent is acting as agent for the guest, the guest is responsible for all terms and conditions of this document. The conditions, limitations and restrictions above are included as part of our agreement.

  1.      Guest agrees that should they cancel their reservation less than the stated number of days prior to their scheduled arrival date, their prepayment is subject to forfeiture. Inasmuch as a firm reservation is considered to be binding on both guest and management, the prepayment shall be applied to any loss incurred by the management resulting from delayed check-in, premature check-out, or cancellation without the stated number of days notice. With regard to Holiday Season reservations, full advance payment is required and is subject to forfeiture. The Crestwood will retain the stated cancellation amount applicable to your reservation.
  2.      Guest agrees to pay for the accommodations for the period confirmed, regardless of LATE ARRIVAL or EARLY DEPARTURE.
  3.      Guest understands that a taxable service charge on the lodging portion of the statement will be added. In addition, there is a sales and lodging tax on room charges, and may be subject to change.
  4.      Guest understands that The Crestwood shall not be responsible to hold the guests reserved accommodations over 24 hours later than his/her scheduled arrival date.
  5.      The Crestwood reserves the right to limit the number of people occupying each unit.
  6.      Guest understands that the accommodation is a privately owned dwelling unit with the Owner’s furnishings, and neither The Crestwood nor the Owner shall be responsible for providing any additional furnishings or equipment to available presently in the unit other than essential kitchen utensils and dining service.
  7.      Guest agrees to indemnify Owner for any damages to the premises, including damage to the furnishings and household items, which occur as a result of Guest’s occupancy excluding, however, wear and tear.
  8.      Locked closets and pantries are reserved for the use of Owner and are not included within this agreement.
  9.      Guest agrees to take all reasonable steps to see that members of their party and other occupants adhere to the rules and regulations affecting the area with the following rules and regulations being cited as of exceptional importance;   Specific condominiums and individual bedding CAN NOT be guaranteed.
    1.      Prearrangement for parking of motor-homes, buses, all trailers, etc., must be made with The Crestwood prior to arrival.
    2.      The occupancy of the premises shall be sufficiently quiet and peaceful so as to not disturb the other occupants of the neighborhood/property in the enjoyment of their stay.
    3.      Smoking in units is PROHIBITED. Pets are NOT allowed. There will be a minimum $250 fee enforced on guests in violation of these policies.
    4.      All vehicles must have a visible parking permit displayed. These are available at the Front Desk. The Crestwood will not assume responsibility for ANY vehicle parked on premise.
  10.    Specific condominiums and individual bedding CAN NOT be guaranteed.
  11.    The Crestwood reserves the right to alter accommodation arrangements at any time. The Crestwood will make every effort to provide the accommodations as offered. When substantial alterations or cancellation become necessary by The Crestwood, The Crestwood will make every effort to offer alternative arrangements. If the alternative accommodations are priced at a lower rate, The Crestwood will refund the difference in price. If the alternative accommodations are at a higher price, the guest will not be charged extra.

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