Mountain Biking and Hiking

Snowmass Village alone provides guests of The Crestwood with over 50 miles of summer hiking and biking trails along with lift served access to Snowmass Mountain’s downhill mountain biking. The Crestwood is known for providing some of the easiest access to Snowmass Village hiking trails right out the front door of your condo.

Starting at the top of the Aspen Snowmass Elk Camp Chairlift, the Vapor Trail offers 1,400 of vertical in just over 2.5 miles of trail. With the addition of the new Valhalla Trail (which starts where the Vapor Trail ends), riders get another 1,400 vertical feet in 2.75 miles. So if you decide to go top to bottom on Snowmass’ trail system, you get a whopping 2,800 vertical descent within 5.25 miles of fast and fun downhill biking in Snowmass. 

In 2010, the Town of Snowmass and Pitkin County finalized the land acquisition now referred to as Sky Mountain Park. The new acquisition granted the public over 2,500 acres of open space and over 20 miles of trails accessing unmatched views of the entire Roaring Fork Valley. This new network of mountain biking trails in Snowmass has quickly become a local’s favorite.

Once you venture outside of Snowmass Village, the options for hiking and biking trails are absolutely endless. We will highlight a few of our favorite hikes in Snowmass. We are always willing to provide suggestions and directions to the local trails at the Crestwood front desk.

Browse all of the Snowmass Village Summer Trails.

Snowmass Summer Trail Map

Rim Trail (Moderate/7 Miles One Way): The Rim Trail Snowmass trailhead is located at the west entrance to the Mountain View Apartment complex in Snowmass Village. There is a quick 30 minute hike up the “Ying Yang” that offers excellent 360 degree views of Snowmass, Mt. Daly, Capital Peak and allows you to look down on Ziegler Reservoir (site of the Ice Age Discovery). If you continue on the trail along the rim, you can hike/bike another 5 miles down to the rodeo lot where you can catch a shuttle bus back up to the trailhead.

Government Trail (Advanced/12 Miles One Way): The gem of the Aspen area. Best ridden/hiked west to east. Head out the Ditch Trail and about a half mile or so is the Connector Trail on your left. This is a shortcut to Government Trail. You can also continue another mile down the Ditch Trail, past the bench and up to the start of Government Trail which is on the left going uphill just as the Ditch Trail starts to descend rapidly. The start is steep and rocky, but soon the trail becomes smooth and levels out a bit before traversing the mountain. This trail is a great high altitude single-track with some technical spots for mountain bikers. The Government Trail drops you off into Maroon Creek where you can catch a bus back up to Snowmass Village.

Nature Trail/Ditch Trail (Easy/3 Miles Round Trip): The Nature/Ditch trailhead is found at the west end of lot 7 just above the Snowmass Village Mall. It will meet up with the Ditch Trail after about .6 miles and is an easy and scenic hike right out of Snowmass Village. After about 1.5 miles you will meet up with the East Snowmass Creek Trail, where many people turn around and head back towards Snowmass Village. This is one of the more mellow Snowmass hiking trails.

Tom Blake Trail (Moderate/7.5 Miles Round Trip): Access the Tom Blake trail in Snowmass by heading up Assay Hill service road on Snowmass Mountain for about a quarter of a mile. On your left you will see the trailhead up into an aspen grove. Follow the trail and signs through a couple of neighborhoods until you come out onto Owl Creek Road. From there you can turn around and retrace your steps or continue on to Highline Trail. This will take you down to the Rodeo Lot where you can catch a free Snowmass Village Shuttle back to The Crestwood Condominiums.


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