Snowmass Village
Snowmass Village, CO is situated at 8,100 feet in elevation high up in the Roaring Fork Valley. It is a small mountain village with a large mountain lifestyle located only 9 miles from the world famous ski town of Aspen, CO. With just 2,800 full time residents it has a tight knit community of likeminded individuals here for the extreme beauty and nature of the surrounding Elk Mountains.

The town encompasses 25 square miles and boasts over 50 miles of hiking and biking trails in the summer and 150 miles of ski trails in the winter. It was developed as a ski resort in the 1960’s and truly is an outdoor enthusiast’s mecca providing ample opportunity for adventure right at your doorstep. There is a saying throughout the Village; “you come for the winters, but stay for the summers.”  Life in Snowmass seems to fly by with the excitement of each new season bringing a new activity to occupy every free moment. It starts with skiing and snowboarding in the winter. The spring brings whitewater rafting and kayaking as the snow melts. Last but certainly not least, summers provide an unlimited amount of activities from hiking and biking to fly-fishing, camping, backpacking, golf, music festivals and free outdoor concerts.

The mountain is our main street, our Mecca, our coffee shop, our office. We swap gossip on picnic blankets at the Fanny Hill concerts; catch up as we catch air in the terrain parks and on the trails. While we live here for the sun-kissed summers and for the glimpses of the bear, elk, fox, and deer who share this unique Shangri-La, we’re also dedicated to ensuring our guests feel the same. From wildflowers to wildly enthusiastic locals, the town lives up to its name.

Snowmass Village provides guests and locals with a full-service grocery store, on-mountain clinic in the winter, a US post office and over 20+ bars/restaurants. There is practically everything you would need right here in Snowmass.

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